So I was bored last night, Just chilling in my studio. And the Song "Reset" by the band Broadview. (Some friends of mine) was on replay. So I decided to make a cover :P my version is just a LOT different. Hope you like it!.

I did not write this song, it all belongs to The Fray. This is just a quick recording with a room mic :)

All Else Fails is one of my favorite local metalcore delights! This song was the bonus track on their album "Against The Darkening Sky" Which I play in my car repeatedly :D Check out the band here:

So I'm a huge hunger games fan, the other night I went to see the mockingjay, and it came to the scene where katniss and pollux are sitting next to each other, and pollux asks katniss to sing for the mockingjays. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about the Hanging Tree song until that moment. It was awesome!
So this is my humble tribute!